A US-based Nigerian medical expert and founder of Love For Health Non-Governmental Organisation, Dr Yusuf Haroun, has said psychological and leadership empowerment will aid creativity among youths.

Yusuf who is a graduate of Medicine and Surgery from Lagos State University in a statement on Wednesday called on the Nigerian government and organisations to make concerted efforts to curb youth restiveness in the country through leadership empowerment among the youth.

He said, “Many Nigerian youths have proven themselves effective, capable, and up to the tasks given to them, both locally and globally, so why not engage them?”

According to him, creative engagement helps employees build essential skills, which include identifying a problem, searching and encoding information, and generating alternatives and essential ideas.

He said, “As the employees struggle to achieve all these, they typically become psychological to give the best of their skills. This dictates how psychologically they are empowered. Therefore, it is evident that the creative engagement process greatly influences psychological empowerment positively. The creative engagement process is also related to psychological empowerment and has some positive impact.”

 Equally important, engaging in creative activities promotes the employee’s creativity.

Leadership empowerment can also be a way in which an employee can psychologically motivate the employers in the organisation,” he stated.

Yusuf is currently undergoing an MBA programme in Healthcare Administration at Franklin University, Ohio, USA.

also noted that leadership empowerment may help increase the likelihood of positive behavior like prosocial involvement, adding that youth empowerment was a promising strategy to help support healthy development and reduce risk of negative outcomes.



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