The Founder of GOTNI Leadership Centre, Linus Okorie, has said deficit of leadership capital brought the country to its current economic and social crises.

He said on Monday that organisations and businesses died completely and went into extinction as a result of the deficit of leadership capital.

According to him, many occupying leadership positions in the country did not have the prerequisite leadership training that were necessary for them to function effectively.

Okorie stated these during a press conference ahead of the GOTNI Leadership Centre national conference scheduled to hold in Abuja with the theme, ‘Leadership for sustainability’.

According to him, the conference would provide the opportunity for managers and executives in private and public organisations to strengthen their leadership capacities, establish new networks and develop the capacity to maximise the potential of their existing networks to the advantage of their institutions.

Through a series of cutting-edge leadership conversations, and thought-provoking panel discussions, Okorie said the conference aimed to reinforce the need for leadership development for organisational and national leaders.

He said, “The truth of the matter is that no organisation has made progress, unless there is sustainable leadership capital. The history of Nigeria, over the years, has been filled with a deficit of leadership capital, many people who are promoted into leadership positions, do not have the prerequisite leadership training that is necessary to be able to make those roles work for them effectively.

“You have seen organisations really die and people are wondering, why is this organisation that has so much future, why is this institution that has the most promise, why did it just disappear, why did it die?

“The results are simply because of the fact that a lot of the people who work with the organisations lacked leadership principles and values and models that are necessary to drive organisations.”

The Head of Training at GOTNI Leadership Centre, Faith Aziegbemi, said the conference would equip the organisation’s team with the leadership competences to not just be able to create and cast the compelling vision, but to also be enabled to rally around the organisation’s vision.

“Leaders seek to have teams who can rally around their visions, teams that can help them maximise their bottom line results and this is the reason why the GOTNI Leadership Centre has put together the national leadership conference to equip your team with the leadership competences to not just be able to create and cast the compelling vision but to also be enable to rally around your vision.”



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