US-based Nigerian singer and dancer, Korra Obidi, has criticized her ex-husband Justin Dean for neglecting to pay their first daughter’s school expenses.

The American dancer vented her frustration on Facebook Live, disclosing that Dean still won’t pay his appropriate percentage of June’s tuition and doesn’t contribute to her food or medical expenses.

She said that Athena would soon be joining, and she wouldn’t find this east at all, which was why she was speaking out.

According to Korra, Justin Dean stopped paying in July, but she didn’t know this until she got a letter from the school threatening to expel June.

This alert caused her to pay off all of the outstanding debt, which extended until the end of the year.

She went on to argue that while Dean can afford to hire lawyers, which she considered a low priority, he cannot afford to give up $850 a year for his daughter’s education.

Watch her speak below.



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