Many users of the microblogging site, Twitter, have disagreed with Nigerian afrobeat star, David Adeleke, popularly known as Davido for referring to his colleague Damini Ogulu aka Burna Boy as one of the newcomers dominating the Nigerian music space at the moment, noting that he was disrespectful to describe his colleagues as ‘new cats’.

Davido, during an interview that went viral on social media on Thursday, said he and Wizkid were the first young Nigerian artists to hit stardom.

The Unavailable crooner said he was excited to see “new cats” (stars) such as Burna Boy, Rema, Fireboy, Mayorkun, and Asake now dominating the music industry.

He said, “Everybody knows now. I was one of the first. I and Wizkid were one of the first young artists to blow up and it feels good seeing new cats like Burna Boy, Rema, Fireboy, Mayorkun, you know a lot of new cats coming, killing it, Asake who was on my album.

“So, yes, I think the future of Afrobeat is in good hands.”

His submission had since gained traction on the microblogging site as netizens took a swipe at him for making such remarks.

The Twitter users also compared his achievements in the music industry with Burna Boy’s own over the years.

A user, Lola Okunrin, who was miffed by the comment said, “In Davido entered the limelight in 2011. Burna Boy entered limelight in 2012. How’s Burna Boy now a New Cat in 2023? Davido goofed big time. That was disrespectful to someone who has been carrying Afrobeat just like others since Like to Party. Agba ni Burna o.

Another user Bobby queried, “How do you put Burna and Rema in the sentence or even Asake that came out yesterday? It doesn’t make sense. That’s just insensitive, and straight-up disrespectful. Burna boy has gone far in the music stuff”
Another netizen, Topss said,“ I hope Burna doesn’t reply him, he’s already way bigger. Don’t give him the clouts he needs for his new album”

Papi Chulo also wrote, “Lol it basically sums up his career. Na this kind gist dey keep am relevant. He benefited more from the comparisons with Wizkid even when everybody knows say he no sabi anything.”

While making a comparison, Sucre Papito wrote, “The funny thing is Davido and Burna are not on the same level. Burna is bigger and better than Davido, so him putting him in the same category as Rema and fire boy is a big cap. Musically Burna is better, stage performance, fashion, awards, live performances Burna is better.”

Some netizens, however, agreed with Davido’s comments.

Arochidum who also took sides with him said, “Let Burna get a hundred Grammys, he ain’t on Davido’s level. It’s like comparing Modric to Xavi, cause he has a Ballon d’Or. O wrong na.”

Junclean Smith also maintained a similar stance saying, “This is true because Davido, Wizkid are not Burna Boy, Fireboy, Rema, etc reigning mate in the music industry.”

Also, Adie Muero, while supporting Davido’s claim said, “Burna blow when he sang Gbona and on the Low. Yes, he came out since but nah when he blow we Dey count. Wiz has sung with MI before he sang Holla at your boy, but it was when he sang Holla at your boy everyone knew him. Burna and Rema should be the ones being compared together.”

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