Celebrity stylist, Toyin Lawani, has
berated Doyin for dragging Venita’s children into their messy fight while they clashed on Friday night.

This happened after Ike scattered Ilebaye’s clothes in order to provoke her into getting another strike, and his actions were revealed by Big Brother.

The terrible act hadn’t gone unnoticed by some housemates, Venita among others but she chose to keep mute and did not speak on it even after Doyin questioned her about it the next morning.

Ike was issued a strike as well as a punishment for the act if he survived the coming eviction on Sunday, while Venita and Seyi were warned to be better housemates and stand in the face of injustice.

Doyin, who felt it was her place to defend Ilebaye, blasted Venita for being aware of what Ike did and keeping silent.

She dragged Venita’s children into it by saying that Venita should behave like a mother because she had two daughters and her behavior was complacent to Ike’s crimes.

Watch the video below.

Toyin Lawani, who did not agree with Doyin, took to her Instagram page to state that kids should be off limits when they fight.

According to her, she was not interested in who was wrong or right in the fight, children should not be involved at all.

She wrote,

“Where I come from in yoruba land, This is called EPE

Go and ask someone to help you translate, Like I said Kids are off limits and this is a No No for me,

I don’t care who right or wrong, Wahala tiwon niyen, I refuse to mention anyone else, This act exactly is my concern

She’s trying to fight for what’s right abi? but at the end of the day doing it the wrong way. May Venita’s kids not find themselves in that situation in jesus name #Amen”

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