An actress, Bella Ebinum, says she has never traded her body for movie roles, adding that producers usually begged her for money instead.

She told Saturday Beats, “I have never used my body to boost my growth in the industry. If one has something to offer in the industry, one does not need to give out one’s body (in exchange for movie roles). The people who do so came into the industry with nothing. Hence they are giving their bodies to get what they want.

“Some producers actually call me to beg for money. So, how would I give them my body when they beg me for money?”

Speaking on the kinds of comments she gets whenever she posts sensual videos on social media, she said, “Sometimes, I do it to create awareness. Sometimes, when I see that everywhere is boring, I post some (controversial) statements. At times, I later pull those posts down. I do that to gather comments.”

The actress also stated that she would love to feature in movies, where she could be natural, and won’t have to speak ‘too much grammar’.

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