Mabel Makun, the wife of popular comedian and actor, Ayo Makun a.k.a AY Comedian, has taken to social media to bemoan the current state of Nigeria.

She stated that she has never been as afraid for the country as she is now because the economic situation is beyond terrible.

Mabel Makun laments

The mother of two decried the falling exchange rate, pointing out that it is destroying businesses. According to her, business has been so slow lately because of the increase in prices.

She noted that the average Nigerian can’t even afford a loaf of bread, and basic necessities have become luxuries because things are too expensive.

Mabel wrote on her Instagram page,

“Never Been this Afraid for my country Nigeria
Exchange Rate is Killing Businesses
We are Tired of Increasing Prices!
Business is now Draining!
An Average Common Man can no longer Afford a loaf of Bread
Parents withdrawing their kids from schools for home tutor
Basic Needs now Luxury!
Everything is High
Affordability has suddenly become Fiction!
What is the wav out???”

See her post below,

Her post has gotten people talking online, with many sharing the same sentiment. Read some of the comments below,

wrote, “It’s well, my shop that used to be full of goods before you won’t see where to put leg ,now you can carry bed put inside and sleep .the high rate is really killing”

@sophinee__ wrote, “Thing is, nobody is saying anything
We are dying in silence
We keep accepting each stage of this shege as the new normal”

@bomaawobajo wrote, “My dear, im currently on self preservation mode. Not even interested in investing in any business that is naira related. Cos when u get paid, the next week it is worth nothing in the global market”

@hanniskitchen wrote, “People way Don leave this country, no know wetin God don for them 😂😂 Nigeria no go better”



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