Exhibitors from different countries are showcasing a products and services at this year’s International Shopping Fair in Lagos.

According to a statement by the organisers of the exhibition — Nizam Exhibitions Company, the 10-day event which had commenced availed attendees the opportunity to explore an extensive range of exquisite products, including jewellery, linens, embroideries, and much more.

The General Manager of Nizam Exhibitions Company, Ali Nizam, said, the event is a haven for discerning shoppers with an immersive atmosphere where attendees could indulge their senses, discover hidden gems, and embrace the cultural diversity and artistry of international exhibitors.

He said, “This year, the fair shines a spotlight on the sale of captivating silver ornaments. The discerning shopper will discover a captivating collection of handcrafted jewelry, ranging from delicate necklaces and bracelets to intricately designed rings and earrings.

“Each piece tells a unique story, blending traditional techniques with contemporary aesthetics, and reflecting the cultural heritage of diverse regions.

“The International Shopping Fair provides an opportunity to explore a world of elegance and style as exhibitors would showcase exquisite linen and embroidery.”

According to him, the exhibitors, who are experts in their respective fields would share their insights, inspirations, and craftsmanship techniques, thereby providing a unique opportunity to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for their products.

He added, “We are undoubtedly excited to organise the International Shopping Fair in Lagos, especially as Nigeria experiences the dawn of a new administration. Our goal is to empower people and businesses as the exhibition provides a perfect platform for accommodating a diverse range of products and services.”

Every participant will have a feeling of triumph for contributing to the advancement of society.”

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