Inq. Group has reaffirmed its commitment to fostering the growth of Artificial Intelligence and technological capacities in Nigeria and Africa through the provision of simpler, seamless solutions to meet the region’s needs.

The company’s vision for empowering Africa’s technology sector was unveiled during a media roundtable discussion held recently in Lagos.

The group’s Chairman, Andile Ngcaba, and the Group Chief Executive Officer, Glad Dibetso, shared the company’s strategic vision for propelling innovation and playing a leading role in shaping the future of edge solutions and AI on the continent.

Speaking during the session under the theme ‘Leading with Edge: The Future of Edge Solutions in Nigeria’, Dibetso emphasised how the firm was working to build Africa’s technology capacities and advance the continent’s technology landscape.

He said, “We firmly believe that the company is poised to revolutionise the education landscape across the continent.

“Connectivity serves as the gateway to transforming education in our schools, enabling children to learn robotics, AI, and software development. By empowering more students with these essential skills, we envision a rise in tech-driven small businesses, ultimately leading to the emergence of more African unicorns.”

In his keynote address, Ngcaba stated, “Our vision is to introduce artificial intelligence to Nigeria, empowering the country to actively participate in the global AI landscape. In pursuit of this objective, we aim to establish Nigeria as a centre of excellence for developing customised AI solutions in the energy sector.”

According to him, efforts will centre on providing state-of-the-art AI solutions tailored specifically for the energy industry.

HE further stated that through the initiative, energy generation and distribution companies in Nigeria would gain access to real-time electricity consumption analytics for designated locations, enabling them to identify and address leakages throughout the entire electricity value chain.

Ngcaba added, “Nigeria stands as the foremost driver of growth in Africa, not only within ECOWAS but across the entire continent.

“We firmly believe that Nigeria serves as the hub not only for Africa but also for emerging markets. The future growth of the African continent largely hinges on the dynamism of this country,” he stated.

“As the company continues to make significant strides in shaping Africa’s technology landscape, the company remains dedicated to empowering businesses and communities through innovative, relevant, and accessible cloud-based technology solutions.”

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