Dental professionals who participated in the Invisalign Certification Programme in Lagos have said it will boost the quality of dental care in Nigeria.

The Invisalign makes use of an advanced orthodontic technology.

The Orthodontic Dental Enterprise in Nigeria, said in partnership with Align Technology, a global leader in clear aligner therapy, was helping to build the capacity of experienced dental providers in Nigeria to enhance their orthodontic skills and, in turn, enjoy a range of benefits for their practices, with the renowned Invisalign Certification Programme.

It read, “The Invisalign Certification Programme allows dental professionals to become certified providers of Invisalign treatment. Upon certification, a dental professional can evaluate patients, create treatment plans using Invisalign’s proprietary software, and oversee the course of treatment to achieve straighter teeth and a more desirable smile. However, without being a certified Invisalign provider, a doctor will not be able to provide Invisalign treatment to patients.”

A leading dental practitioner in Nigeria, Dr. Callistus Obiora, emphasised the value of Invisalign certification, saying,  “Invisalign certification not only enhances our ability to provide top-notch orthodontic care but also elevates our practice in the eyes of our patients. The positive impact on our patient base and the clinical advantages we gain are invaluable.”

The statement added that Invisalign’s continued growth in Nigeria was expected to further boost the quality of orthodontic care, ensuring that patients had access to advanced and patient-centric dental solutions.

It read, “This expansion aligns with the increasing demand for innovative and patient-friendly orthodontic treatments in the country.”

“Invisalign gives dental professionals a distinct edge. Patients seeking a more discreet and comfortable alternative to traditional braces often prefer providers with Invisalign expertise.

This preference can lead to increased patient traffic and steady practice growth.

“Furthermore, Invisalign offers a patient-centric approach to orthodontic care, aligning well with the evolving expectations of healthcare consumers. “



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