Former heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua has confidently declared that he will emerge victorious in his highly-anticipated rematch against Dillian Whyte, scheduled for August 12 at the iconic O2 Arena in London.

Reflecting on their previous encounter in 2015, which Joshua won via a seventh-round stoppage, the Olympian admitted that he still vividly remembered the thunderous left hook delivered by Whyte during the bout.

“As I’ve gone to throw a right hand, you’re supposed to sit back on your back foot and rotate to get your leverage. What I did, I leaned over my front hand, which puts me in the firing line and boom! A left hook hits me,” Joshua recounted to DAZN.

He admitted that he didn’t see the punch coming, as his focus was solely on attacking Whyte rather than anticipating the counter. The powerful left hook shook him to his core, leaving a memory that continues to motivate him.

Joshua, who lost two consecutive fights to Oleksandr Usyk but bounced back with a win over Jermaine Franklin in April, understands the significance of the upcoming bout for his career. The rivalry between Joshua and Whyte has been simmering since their teenage years, adding even more intensity to the impending rematch.

With hopes that a triumphant performance will reignite his old tenacity, Joshua’s fans are eagerly anticipating this critical fight, well aware that a victory could potentially pave the way for a blockbuster clash against Deontay Wilder.

Despite the high stakes, Joshua remains optimistic and unwavering in his conviction. “It’s a huge night for my career. I’m gonna be victorious, 100 per cent. That’s my goal, that’s my plan. And yeah, that’s my motivation. So yeah, I’m looking forward to it. Respect to the team. May the best man win,” Joshua said.

The boxing world eagerly awaits this epic rematch between Joshua and Whyte, aptly named ‘Histoy of Violence’ as two titans collide once again in what promises to be an electrifying showdown at the O2 Arena.

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