The relatives of late Nigerian singer, Mohbad, were captured on camera discussing how to collect his assets from his wife, Wunmi, at his gravesite.

Recall that the singer sadly passed away on Tuesday, September 12, and was laid to rest barely 24 hours later in Ikorodu, Lagos state, according to Islamic rites.

When his grave was being dug, some of his relatives were captured plotting how to claim his properties from his 24-year-old widow.

 Mohbad's family plots

During their discussion, one of the men asked for the whereabout of Mohbad’s wife and said she must ‘drop everything’. In response, a man asserted that she should not come for the funeral because they will collect everything belonging to the singer in her possession.

An elderly man present at the scene added that there are children who earn millions of naira but fails to send money back home. He also warned the men gathered at the gravesite not to put their faith in women.

Another man was heard bemoaning where the singer was being buried, stating that the singer who has mansions is getting laid to rest in a village.

It’s worth noting that Mohbad’s marriage to his wife was not made public until his untimely death. The musician was apparently married to his 10-year partner, with whom he has a 5-month-old son.

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Meanwhile, this has sparked outrage on social media, with many condemning the family for discussing about the singer’s properties barely 24 hours after his death.

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@biodun_OG wrote, “The family will make sure the wife doesn’t gain possession of any of Mohbad’s properties. I feel men should start preparing their will even at the early stages of marriage just incase something goes wrong.”

@lacevine wrote, “They said they’ll take everything from the wife. They were already talking about his wealth and properties and they’ve not even buried him yet. I feel so bad for the wife.”

wrote, “Going on a widowhood journey at that young age. I hope his wife has a strong support system cos widowhood brings out the beasts in everyone including those one who’ve been calling you “iyawo” with all smiles.”

@critiquecrib wrote, “Marrying into a civilised family, with educated people that have the fear of God and respect for humanity is key!”

@views09 wrote, “And the thing is even after collecting it from the wife, you won’t still see the impact in their lives, cos they will squander the entire asset on nonsense
Not even the 5 months old baby is a concern for them, not how to get justice for the person that died, just greed”

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