Self-proclaimed life coach, Solomon Buchi, has addressed those who accuse him of marrying his wife, Arike Adeola, to obtain British citizenship.

Recall that Solomon announced his engagement to Arike in July 2022, and they tied the knot in February 2023, after which he relocated to the UK.

Solomon Buchi knocks

It seems that he has been receiving negative comments from trolls, who claim that he married his wife, who was based in the UK before their marriage, for immigration purposes. However, it’s not clear if his wife is a British citizen.

In response to these trolls, the controversial writer stated that those making such claims should try to find a British citizen to marry for immigration purposes if it’s that easy.

He posted a series of photos with his wife on Sunday, October 9, and captioned it,

“Her married her for papers?”

If it’s easy run it. Idol worshipers.

Anyway, stare at those photos while you consume.”

See below,

A while back, Solomon Buchi took to social media to brag about waiting until marriage to have sexual intercourse with his wife, Adeola.

This comes amid the trending discourse on the microblogging platform X about virginity after a woman expressed her opinion that being a virgin as an adult is embarrassing, as it implies that they are not capable of attracting the opposite sex. Continue reading here

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