A movie producer, Chloe Toka-McBaror, aka Chloe Coko, has said that she received death threats from unknown persons because of her movie titled, ‘Herdsmen’.

In a statement sent to Saturday Beats, she noted that her main motive for producing the movie was to expose the lies behind banditry in Northern Nigeria.

She said, “Producing this movie exposed me to death threats and warnings from anonymous persons, which started while we were still filming, till this week.  The motivation behind the movie is to beam the searchlight on the killings that fuelled the rampage by herdsmen in the country.”

Speaking on what makes the movie unique, the filmmaker said, “What makes the movie truly unique is its commitment to cultural authenticity, and its exploration of important social issues. We put a lot of effort into researching and portraying northern Nigeria with respect and accuracy, and that took years. We showcased the rich traditions and customs that are often overlooked in mainstream cinema.”

Chloe, who is married to another filmmaker, Toka McBaror, added that she wanted the movie to enlighten people that not all kidnappers were herdsmen.

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