Popular Nigerian Comedian, Buchi Ojieh, affectionately known as Buchi Comedian, has taken to his social media page to call out the Isede and Salami families, who are relatives of his estranged wife.

Taking to Instagram, the actor posted a photo featuring the family of his estranged Wife. In his post, he accused them of taking his children without his consent and preventing him from seeing them.

Addressing them directly, he questioned how they would feel if someone were to separate them from their own children, emphasizing their shared experiences.

He expressed, “Mr. and Mrs. Salami… If someone took Josh & Daniella after all you went thru… Una go survive am… ‘I want access to my kids.’”

Further, he tagged family members with Instagram accounts and characterized them as a family that responds to kindness with cruelty.

See his posts below ;

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