Angel, the wife of Big Brother Naija level-up star, Kesiena Tony Adjekpovu aka Kess, has shared more alleged sex chats between him and his co-star, Christy O, to support her allegations that they are having an affair.

This comes after Kess denied her initial allegations and accused her of lying against him to bring him down. He also described her as crazy, highly manipulative and insecure.

Kess' wife

He added that his wife constantly accuses him of sleeping with any woman who gets close to him, adding that a woman who can falsely accuse him to tarnish his image can kill him.

The Delta-born housemate categorically stated that he has never gotten intimate with any of his female colleagues. Read here, ICYMI

Kess' wife

In response to Kess’s denial, Angel, who suffered a miscarriage while her husband was on the reality show in 2022, took to her Instagram page to share more alleged screenshots of her husband’s explicit chat with Christy O.

She also questioned why he chose to hurt her despite everything she has done for him, and further accused him of marrying her to finance his extravagant lifestyle.

Angel captioned the chats,

“This is not staged or scripted. These were the deleted text I captured from his iphone. I recovered the text from the deleted box. This is the reason why I didn’t give him rent money bcos I’ve known about these text for several days. I kept asking him each day. Do you truly love me? Am I the only one? I was waiting for the truth. It never came. Here we are. Bad blood.
He lied and lied and all the videos he posted. My God. I genuinely loved him. I gave everything I’ve got to this man. Why? Why do this to a good kindhearted person? Why destroy my life for your so called colleague? Why used me and both of you extorting money from me to fund your lavish lifestyle? You tell me you’re broke and you need money. I have access to your bank account and the money I gave you – it went to your $lut. You have the audacity to lie when all you needed to tell me is you’re sorry you F’d up and that you wanted to move on. But no you couldn’t tell me that bcos that would stop me sending money your way. That is why!!!! Next post is all about the money receipts that was provided to the police command and courthouse, and the US embassy. You’re a piece of work Kesiena TONY Adjekpovu. Hope you’re enjoying your apartment with your Mistress… ooops I meant colleague at Fairview Estate at Orchid Road Unit 8.”

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