Veteran actress, Rita Edochie has served a response to her husband’s nephew, Yul Edochie, after he claimed that she has never reached out to him but has been using him to chase clout on social media.

Yul had shared his sentiment about his aunt while reacting to the tragic death of popular singer Ilerioluwa Oladimeji Aloba, known as Mohbad.

He took to his Instagram page to criticize Nigerians for bullying him when he married his second wife Judy Austin, suggesting that the abuse could have driven him to death.

Rita Edochie replies

Yul also noted that those who previously bullied him on social media were now mourning Mohbad’s passing after he complained of being assaulted by individuals associated with his former record label, Marlian Music.

Yul further mentioned that Rita, his uncle’s wife, had not reached out to him since he lost his son, Kambili, but instead uses his marriage to Judy to chase clout online.

Rita Edochie replies

In response, Rita took to her Instagram page to express how Yul’s statement moved her to tears. She further explained that she has not addressed him personally because he is not himself.

Rita alleged that Yul’s second wife, Judy, whom she referred to as a “Drama Devil,” had “caged” and put him in a bottle. She declared that she would continue to criticize Judy until she released Yul from the bottle and allow him to return home.

Her words,

“This particular line made tears drip 😭😭😭😭😭 from my eyes, especially the word “my own” (even my own aunty has not called me on the phone for one day to ask me what happened).

Good thing you still regard me as your own aunty. But I will not say anything on this for now. Also, saying that I am using your name and matter as a traffic medium on my page, how hilarious can this be 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂??? But I will still not say anything because I am happy you know me too well.

My dear son, you are not the subject matter, and that is the reason I don’t talk about you because I know you are not yourself anymore. But you will surely get back to whom you used to be, whether Drama Devil (Judy Austin) likes it or not. There are no doubts.

You are being caged/bottled by your so-called wife, whom you picked, not knowing when and how you did.

The subject matter is the so-called wife we woke up one morning to hear you picked, and until she releases you, she will still remain my subject matter. And the sooner she opens this bottle and breaks into pieces, so you can freely return to your humble abode, the better for we all in entirety.


N/B: This page does not, and will never support any form of violence. 😒 🙄


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