Popular Nollywood actress, Ronke Ojo (formerly Oshodi-Oke), has shed more light on her failed marriage that didn’t last a year.

She shared this in a recent interview with her colleague, Biola Bayo. She explained that her husband was a nice man but ultimately not husband material.

Actress Ronke Ojo reveals

She revealed that they dated for 10 years before getting married officially, but unfortunately, their marriage ended in less than a year. At the time, people criticized her for marrying a handsome man but she clarified that she didn’t marry him for his looks.

Speaking further, the 49-year-old movie star claimed that her husband was unfaithful to her throughout their time together.

Watch a short clip from the interview below,

A while back, Ronke Oshodi-oke revealed that she has been restless ever since her daughter returned to school following the poisoning incident.

Recall that the actress raised alarm online a few days back that her daughter was allegedly poisoned by her roommate and rushed to three different hospitals before she regained her health.

Sharing an update with The Punch, Ronke stated that she suspected foul play and does not believe her daughter tried to take her own life.

She added that the girl, however, returned to the same school against her wishes and her mind has not been at rest since them but she is waiting on the school to conclude their investigations and tell her the culprit. Read here

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