Yeye Ajesikemi Olokun Omolara, the Osun priestess threatened by a Muslim group, Majlisu Shabab li Ulamahu Society, in Ilorin, the capital of Kwara State, to desist from holding a planned Isese festival in the state, has shared her side of the story.

Trouble started Monday following the release of fliers announcing the three-day event in Ilorin. Not long after the fliers emerged online, members of the Muslim group stormed her residence and warned her not to hold the festival. The group said they were sent by the Emir of Ilorin, Dr Sulu Gambari.

In a new video released online, Omolara shared her side of the story, bemoaning the unfortunate situation and also disclosing that her life was in danger.

She revealed that since the issue went viral, she had received numerous death threats.

Speaking during a short video published on Facebook, Omolara recounted her ordeal since the announcement of her event.

”I was planning an Isese festival in Ilorin. Issues began after fliers for the event were posted online. In no time, I was bombarded with calls and social media tags.

“Some of my people soon began calling to inform me of plans by the imams to shut my event down. It’s been a stressful couple of days since the fliers were released, I have received multiple death threats from unknown people.”

The priestess expressed surprise at the turn of events, adding that it was the first time she would face such harassment in the city.

“I have lived in Ilorin for many years and experienced nothing but peace until recently. I have always been fair and kind to my neighbours and this has been reciprocated over the years.

“I’ve always considered Ilorin a peaceful place and lived in peace with my neighbors for years until recently.”

Omolara, who said she once facilitated the construction of a mosque and a well in the community, amongst other philanthropic acts, said none of her neighbours had provided her with support amid her travails.

“Given what I have done for the community, it came as a rude shock when no one offered any assistance during my time of need,” she said.

Yeye Omolara, however, promised to continue helping her community despite the treatment received from the Imams.

Asked if she would ever consider converting to Islam, Omolara answered no, and said “Even if I was considering this, their recent behavior has convinced me otherwise.”

THE PUNCH gathered that the festival, aimed at celebrating a few Yoruba deities was eventually canceled.

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