Popular Nigerian actor,John Ibu Okafor has cried out for help on social media; the actor who has been ill for quite some time now explained that the ailment has gotten worse.

In a video he posted via Instagram, the actor called on all Nigerians to assist him financially and with prayers as his health condition requires a surgery.

Accompanying the post, the actor wrote in the caption,

“Dear Good people of Nigerian, we are counting on your support at these point we need it the most Access Bank 1685687982 John Ikechukwu Okafor.”

According to him, he explained that the doctor said if any of the treatments does not work the remaining option left is to cut off his leg.

“The medical doctor said the best solutions incase the new idea does not work that the best idea is to cut off my leg just see me if they cut off my leg where will I go to, where will I go from, please pray for me I do not want my leg to be cut off, thank you so much.”

His daughter Jasmine and his wife, also pleaded with the public to come to their assistance towards the end of the video.

Watch the video below,



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