Nigerian comedian and actor, Woli Agba has expressed his displeasure with content creators who sexualize women’s bodies in their comedy skits.

Taking to his Instagram page, Woli Agba, who is also a content creator, decried the increasing level of disrespect for women’s private parts in comedy. He also questioned the growing audacity to touch women’s backsides.

Speaking further, he argued that there are several ways his colleagues can pass their message without touching the sensitive areas of a woman.

Woli Agba also shared a series of comedy skits in which a man was captured grabbing a woman’s bum and heavily criticized the action.

He wrote,

“I just had to pick this out of the ones I have been seeing lately. We are people of Culture and Tradition. Why the sudden boldness to put full hands on women’s bom/butt all in the name of content creation?
There are several ways to pass the same message without needing to touch the sensitive areas. Which message are u passing when you have increased viewers’ desire for the immoral? The message is for who? Or you are just out to enjoy yourselves before the camera?
Is this funny? How can u even call this comedy?
If you want to be known, please be known for something worth everyone’s applaud.
Ire ooooo.”

Watch the videos below,

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