Nigerian Twitter commentator, Daniel Regha, has heavily condemned Nigerian comedian, Josh2funny, for his performance on the America’s Got Talent show.

Josh2funny, whose real name is Josh Alfred, has been trending across various social media platforms following his audition on the international show in pursuit of a $1,000,000 prize on Tuesday, August 8.

The comedian, known for his fake audition videos where he ‘speed-reads’ and plays other amusing roles, presented a similar routine on the America’s Got Talent stage.

Daniel Regha heavily criticizes

However, his performance failed to resonate with the judges – Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Sofa Vergara, and Howie Mande – as well as the audience, leading to unanimous rejections.

Undeterred by the rejections, Josh returned on stage two more times wearing different costumes to change his appearance and audition again.

On his last attempt, he managed to win the hearts of the audience and ultimately secured four ‘YES’es from Simon Cowell, who spoke on behalf of the other judges.

Daniel Regha heavily criticizes

The video has generated a significant buzz online, with many applauding Josh for gracing the international stage, while others shared their thoughts on his performance.

One of the critics of Josh’s performance is controversial Twitter personality, Daniel Regha, who lambasted him for wasting the judges’ and audience’s time.

Daniel Regha also rebuked Josh for misusing the opportunity to deliver a genuine, exceptional performance on the show, stating that many would fight for a chance to audition on America’s Got Talent.

He tweeted,

“Nigerians will applaud anything as long as a Nigerian is getting the hype, & it’s beyond shamefu!. Josh misused the America’s Got Talent platform by wasting everyone’s time, which isn’t funny. Thousands audition each year but only a few get selected, so why waste the opportunity?”

See below,

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