Nigerian businessman Wale Jana has reacted to the drama between BBNaija star Queen and her baby daddy, Lord Lamba, following her engagement to another man.

It will be recalled that Queen recently announced her engagement to a UK-based biomedical scientist named King David. Following this announcement, Lord Lamba came forward to reveal that he is the father of Queen’s one-year-old daughter.

Wale Jana advises

He also initiated legal proceedings for custody of the child, expressing his refusal to have Queen relocate to the UK with their child and be cared for by her husband-to-be. However, Queen is yet to publicly react to the court documents.

Speaking on this, Wale Jana advised single mothers like Queen on how best to handle their baby daddies when they want to get married to another man.

Wale Jana advises

He emphasized the importance of respect and urged them to have a conversation with their child’s father, appreciating him for all he has done, as this could lead to a peaceful resolution and allow them to have custody of the child.

He also urged the former Big Brother Naija star to speak with Lord Lamba before the situation escalates further.

Wale Jana advises

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“Yesterday I found this interesting story online about a lady called Queen who got engaged and her ex called Lamba whom she had a baby for decided to sue her. So I began to do a little research based on the facts I could find.

I found out that Queen dated the guy who engaged her in 2016 and then it looked like the guy moved abroad so she likely moved on and found this other guy called Lamba who got her pregnant but it seems that Lamba wanted to keep things off social media so he never posted that they had a child or the relationship was not a serious one. Whichever way he wanted to keep things coded.

Based on the court documents he said Queen denied him access to his child even though he had been responsible for the baby’s upkeep and he is suing because she’s trying to take his child abroad without his permission.

This is my opinion; it seems like Lamba was not happy Queen got pregnant, it seems like the pregnancy wasn’t planned so because of that he decided to keep things under wraps, this may have hurt Queen’s feelings and she moved on to her ex who still wanted a relationship but the way it seems she went about it is what is causing the issues. Lamba alleged that she didn’t give him access to his child and so because of that he is going to frustrate her movement to the UK.

Women need to learn something; men don’t do well with disrespect! If a man has been responsible for his child and you want to move on to another country with that same baby, have a conversation with him and thank him for all he has done, he won’t stand in your way! Every man knows that it is best for a child to stay with the mother! Lamba is obviously not interested in a relationship with Queen but he feels disrespected by the way she’s moving without acknowledging him as the father of a child he claims he has been responsible for. If you know Queen tell her to talk to Lamba and all will be resolved.”

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