A businessman in the oil and gas sector, and the Chief Executive Officer of GCA Energy Limited, Greg Uanseru, clocked 65 during the week, and he was felicitated by several esteemed personalities, including a former Governor of Anambra State and the presidential candidate of the Labour Party in the 2023 election, Peter Obi and his wife, Margaret.

At a thanksgiving service to mark the day, the host, who was dressed in a white outfit, radiated in smiles as he exchanged banters with guests.

A reception was later held at the birthday boy’s home in Ikeja, Lagos, where he changed his outfit from white to blue.

Known not to do things in half measure, there was food, music, and entertainment for all who attended the event. The venue was decorated in a way that made the ambiance attractive to guests.

Meanwhile, in a statement to celebrate Uanseru, the Governor of Edo State, Godwin Obaseki, wrote, “I heartily fe­licitate with the President and Chief Executive Officer of GCA Energy Limited, Greg Uanseru, on his 65th birthday celebration. (He is) a well-accomplished and remarkable Edo son. He has continued to lead an illus­trious life, distinguishing him­self as a business tycoon and philanthropist extraordinaire. A maestro, Uanseru has sailed untroubled in the entre­preneurial ocean, navigating numerous challenges with his expertise and panache, con­tributing effectively.

“At 65, Uanseru has continued to display rare business acumen, making a substantial input in the Nigerian oil and gas sector, and earning himself a spot as one of Nigeria’s richest oil magnates. Cerebral, visionary and brave, his achievements over the years have greatly impacted our dear country, transforming the oil industry and leaving a lasting impact on the nation’s economy.

“We pray for many more years in good health, even as we are confident that you will continue to bring your expertise to bear as we chart our path to economic prosperity in Nigeria.”

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