Comic actor and on-air personality, Chinedu Emmanuel, popularly known as Nedu, has revealed that his most difficult situation in life is getting off his first marriage.

Nedu, who appeared on MTV Base Africa programme, ‘MTV Base Sparks’ alongside VJ Adams on Thursday, said he went “through hell” while still posting comedy and skits.

The comic actor described himself as a peaceful person and said the period he suffered his marital challenge in 2017/2018 was the worst in his life.

When asked by the show host to mention the most difficult situation he ever handled, Nedu said, “Getting off my first marriage. It was the most difficult period in my life.”

“And the funny thing is it was 2017/2018. I was going through hell but nobody knew.”

He said, “You know how it is when you are taking a walk, and your heart is skipping for no just reason? I was under anxiety attacks. But guess what? I was doing comedy skits and posting daily, and people were laughing. But I was going through hell.”

The popular dark-skinned comic actor added that he got healed from the marital issue prior to leaving the marriage.

“Yes, I have healed fully from that situation, 150 per cent. The person that healed me does not even know she was the one that healed me. I healed even before I left the marriage because if you are not healed, you can’t move on. So, I got to a point where I was healed a bit, and then I moved on and then totally got healed much later.”

He also said that he isn’t bothered by the insults he gets on social media.

“I have the highest disrespect for people that come off at me because of the 30 seconds clip, which is why I don’t rate it,” he mentioned.

Nedu in 2018, got separated from his estranged wife, Uzoamaka.



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