Reality TV star, Alex Asogwa has written a touching open letter to her friend, Ilebaye Odiniya for winning the All Star season.

In a lengthy Instagram post, Alex expressed her gratitude for meeting Ilebaye, whom she characterized as a genuinely outstanding person, and expressed her heartfelt appreciation for their chance encounter.

Alex highlighted Ilebaye’s extraordinary career, emphasising how quickly she went from being the youngest housemate to the richest one.

She recalled numerous occasions when Ilebaye had candidly told her that she didn’t fully understand her true self.

In addition to expressing her thanks for Ilebaye’s win, Alex really wished for her to accomplish even higher, unthinkable heights in life while being surrounded by wonderful people, grace, love, and numerous successes.

She wrote;

“On this street called life, we meet people that “come rain come shine”will forever have a permanent mark and sometimes space in our hearts.

Dear @ilebayeee , my Dautar and sisteh, my friend I’ve told you a lot of times that you do not know who I see that you are. Amidst and above all, I see a beautiful promising young girl.

From the yangest to the richest. I’m happy for this rare one I met. I had fan and loved having you around through it all. I’m grateful for where you are today and I wish you greater unimaginable heights. I wish you love and accomplishments, grace and success, good people and experiences. Alexandraaaaa wishes you best of luck.

This is just the beginning for you and that empire you dream of, will surely become reality. Congratulations on your win. You came, saw and conquered..”

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