Your partner gets off the couch and says, “I am going to take a shower”, and leaves you with his or her phone. A minute later, the bathroom door locks, the shower turns on, and the soothing sound of water hitting the tub fill the air. You then feel an overwhelming desire to check your partner’s. In your head, you granted yourself permission to do what you felt like doing, and you pick up the phone.

Also, there may be instances where you need to borrow a phone from a friend or coworker. Some people could feel very uneasy about this because they do not like other people looking through their phones. This is because phones contain personal information that should not be accessible to anyone at random. Sadly, there are people who enjoy going through other people’s phones.

When someone gives you their phone, for whatever reason, they are essentially giving you their trust. When someone gives you permission to do or view something on their phone, they are granting you access to do just one thing.  It is an invasion of privacy to do anything else without being permitted to do so.

As such, here are five things you should never do if you ever find yourself in possession of another person’s phone:

  Do not pick up the phone without permission

When there is a lack in a romantic relationship, one partner may frequently examine the other’s phone without their knowledge or consent. Even though it is not allowed, they are picking up incoming calls and reading private messages. Instead of dispelling the perception of cheating, these behaviours tend to fuel it. It is rude to answer a call or pick up the phone without permission, regardless of the relationship.

 Don’t guess the password

It is not worth your time to try to guess the password if you do not already know it. This is because entering an incorrect password can momentarily lock the phone. Because of what you did, the phone’s owner may have to go to extra trouble or expense in order to unlock it. Why not just ask them for the password?

 Don’t use their data

A friend quickly hands you his phone, and you immediately begin downloading things and checking your email with his or her data. That is not your phone, which you seem to have forgotten. Or you activate the hotspot without permission. That is not cool at all. If you do not have permission to use someone else’s phone or Wi-Fi, do not use it.

 Don’t go through their pictures

On their phones, people store a wide variety of information. In this category are things like personal videos, pictures, and documents. Therefore, if someone lends you his or her phone, you should not take the opportunity to look through the pictures, as you may come across inappropriate content. You could potentially damage your friendship with the phone’s owner if you do this.

 Don’t go through or sign out their social media account(s)

You should not go through or sign out the social media accounts of your friend. Your friend may not remember the passwords and may lose such accounts if they cannot do the ‘forget password option’. Do not put the person in a difficult position by doing what you are not meant to do. If you need to log into your own account, ask for permission first.

Trusting someone with your phone password is like giving them complete control over your life, and it can be difficult to know what to do with that kind of authority. Of course, the burden of responsibility that comes along with immense power cannot be ignored. Going through someone’s private messages or images without their permission is the ultimate betrayal of trust, no matter how tempting it may be.

There is absolutely no benefit to sneaking up on them. Unless you want to get caught yourself, there is no need to do it. Actually, you are actively seeking conflict.

That includes being in a relationship. If you truly trust someone, you would not bother to peek at their phone. There is no use in staying with someone if it is keeping you up at night worrying about their texting habits. It is smothering and oppressive, and it will just make them want to do it more. All their texts, except the ones from you, will be deleted if you make it a habit to check their phone.

In the same way that you would not appreciate it if someone snooped through your own phone, you should not do it to someone else.

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