A technology, application development firm, Tornado Tech LTD, has disclosed its plan to unveil an online automated data-gathering platform for students, organisations, and researchers.

The platform, ‘ResearchGains’, according to the firm’s Chief Executive Officer, Babatunde Balogun, would successfully carry out socio-demographic project research, market research, user-experience research, and polls.

According to him, the cost of data gathering and data documentation in Africa is a significant barrier to research.

“With low funding in the research sector, it is crucial to develop affordable data-gathering software that can penetrate local areas across African countries while maintaining high-quality assurance.

“To address this challenge, we built a complete automated online data gathering software for students and organisations to penetrate local areas in Africa.

“We leveraged programming languages such as Java, Javascript, React JS, and Flutter to create a two-phase software application: the researcher and respondent phase.”

Balogun, a tech expert added that researchers can target respondents based on their demographic data and obtain responses from the pool of registered respondents in its database.

“Surveys are encrypted, and locations are secured, ensuring data privacy and confidentiality.

“Researchers can now target respondents right from their homes, eliminating the need to travel about in gathering data.

“The data gathered is successfully encrypted, and the data analysis page can easily be shared to prevent tampering. We are confident that our software will curb 90-99 per cent data tampering and data fraud,” he told our correspondent.

He added that the platform focusing on human research, data documentation, and analytics, is a significant milestone for research in Africa as “it provides an affordable and efficient way to gather data while maintaining data quality and security.”

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