The distributor of CASIO calculators in Nigeria, SKLD Integrated Services Limited, has said it will stamp out counterfeit calculators in Nigeria.

Speaking at a dealers’ conference, held in Lagos State, General Manager, CASIO, Japan, Mr Koji Shinjo, explained that 33 per cent of the population used to counterfeit.

“We need more new dealers for genuine products.

We have a pilot project in six schools in Lagos. We will spread the benefit of the pilot project. We are curating the demands to expand the market together.”

Also speaking, Managing Director, SKLD Integrated Services, Mrs Temilola Adepetun, said, “We are assuring users of genuine products Casio Japan have seen Nigeria as a viable market and they have given back to the society. They have trained 3,000 teachers and donated seminar materials and Casio Lab to the Lagos State Government.

She advised, “Over time, different companies have used Nigeria as a dumping ground. I must say that we Nigerians have not been forthcoming when we go abroad. We just order them to make a look-alike and not the original thing. As for Standards Organisation of Nigeria, I’m not sure how they are enforcing these things to make sure we get the authentic ones. How much quality assurance are they doing? How many parastatals, organisations do we have that are looking at the quality of things that are imported into Nigeria? What is the Customs doing? Does the customs have a quality control department that is involved in processing imported goods because those fake goods are not made in Nigeria also what are examination bodies doing? Are they adopting authentic calculators, are they allowing the children to use just any calculators? I also understand that for some it might be an issue of cost but you see, in some countries, you don’t just bring in anything. There are rules, and the government has to enforce these rules.”

Adepetun revealed that the fake calculators would always give wrong answers. And it’s not just CASIO but other products too.

“There should be clean up from the bottom to the top.”

Deputy Managing Director, SKLD, Mr Tayo Osiyemi, explained that fake products had been a menace for a long time, saying the firm was ready to phase out the counterfeit CASIO calculators.

“As a local distributor, we will conduct an assessment of the volume of the distribution of the fake. We have also taken initial steps to register about five top models of the CASIO calculator with the SON. The next step would be to engage SON and also engage the open-market distributors because they carry typically volumes of fake calculators. There will be a pair-to-pair regulation of stamping out the fake products. Thirdly, we will engage the customs. We’re going to walk them through the difference between the fake and the original to ensure that at the point of entry, fake CASIO calculators are seized.”

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