Ernst & Young Consulting has donated Biology, Physics, and Chemistry laboratories to Dolphin Senior High School, Lagos.

Speaking at the unveiling of the laboratories, Tutor General/Permanent Secretary, Education District III, Dr Idowu Oyetola, stressed that a senior school without a laboratory was incomplete.

She said, “For us to have three laboratories, that is, Biology, Physics, and Chemistry laboratories is a great one. It will enhance the teaching and learning of these subjects. When it comes to teaching, it is not good to teach in the abstract. Our students should be able to participate in the laboratory experiment. To the organisation, EY, we are grateful.”

Principal of Dolphin Senior High School, Mr Taiwo Akinlabi, “The students and staff are very happy for what Ernst & Young have done, it is beyond our expectation. Before the intervention of EY, it was a difficult and rigorous thing teaching the students the practical aspects of the subjects.”

Senior Manager and Project Coordinator at Ernst & Young Consulting, Mrs Ijeoma Ijere, said EY had a purpose of providing education for the children.

“We looked around us and decided to take the lead in science education in the public schools and the laboratories and decided to intervene at Dolphin Senior High School. This is not the first time we’re doing it; we’ve been doing it since 2014.”

In celebration of the EY Day, Chief Operating Officer of EY, West Africa, Mr Oluwabusiayo Layade, led the EY team to the Boys Senior Academy, Sura.

He said that the EY Day was celebrated by all EY offices, worldwide.

He added, “EY Nigeria used it as an opportunity to also commemorate the EY Gives Back Day as part of EY’s frontline project – EY Ripples.” The EY team, coordinated by Mrs Eunice Obinyan, facilitated talks on personal hygiene and environmental cleanliness for the students.

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