The Federal Government on Tuesday intensified the push for gas usage in automobiles and domestically by issuing an Approval To Construct licence to Noretek Energy Limited for the construction of 500 metric tonnes autogas plant in Abuja

It also announced that similar facilities were currently being constructed in Lagos and Port Harcourt, adding that the latest licence would see to the establishment of two of such gas plants in Abuja.

“The authority is presenting an Approval To Construct a 500MT Liquefied Petroleum Gas depot to Noretek Energy Limited and this will be constructed in Gwagwalada, Abuja,” the Executive Director, Distribution Systems, Storage and Retailing Infrastructure, Nigerian Midstream and Downstream Petroleum Regulatory Authority, Ogbugo Ukoha, stated.

 Ukoha, who spoke on the sidelines of the ATC presentation in Abuja, said, “There is no better time than now for the optimisation of the gas that we have. Nigeria has more than 209 trillion cubic feet of gas.

“The government has also designated gas as the transition fuel for the country. More importantly is the fact that Mr President has given a fresh impetus to this optimisation, both by deregulating the PMS market and prioritising the utilisation of gas.”

According to Ukoha, across the country, there are a number of projects that are at different stages of completion.

“In Apapa (Lagos), there is a big one and we are looking forward to inaugurating it in the fourth quarter of this year, or the first quarter of next year.

 “In Port Harcourt, there is a big one as well, and even in Abuja here, at Idu, the same operator at Port Harcourt is also doing something big in Idu, but today we are celebrating Noretek and it is 500MT,” he remarked.

The Managing Director of Noretek Energy Limited, Edward Traore, said the launching of the 500MT LPG storage depot marked the first step of the proverbial 1000-mile journey.

“This initial installation lays the foundation for our planned expansion of LPG autogas services and infrastructure across the region as a central element of our long-term objectives.

“Autogas is a key component of our investment plan, and presents a viable, eco-friendly alternative to traditional fuels, providing both economic and environmental benefits,” he further said.

 He noted that the firm aimed to spearhead initiatives in CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) refuelling infrastructure and CNG conversion technology solutions.

“These additions aim to provide a reliable and sustainable energy supply to meet the escalating demand in the region,” Traore stated.

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