The Federal Capital Territory Authority, in partnership with Platinum X Art and Media Ltd, is set to organise ‘Abuja I Believe Carnival 2023”.

According to the convener of the carnival and the MD/CEO of Platinum X Art and Media Ltd, Omoefe Tawiyah, the carnival aims to promote peace, reduce crime, eliminate inequality and provide employment opportunities.

He said it would help increase skilled employees, improve social amenities,, and eliminate communal problems.

“In the midst of challenging times and hardship, it is crucial to prioritise mental health and strike a balance. The ‘Abuja I Believe Carnival 2023’ is not just about entertainment, it is about creating a lasting legacy,” he said.

Tawiyah said there were great talents in Abuja, adding that musicians in the capital city would derive benefits from the carnival.

According to him, in the carnival village, there is going to be a sit-out area for four days consecutively, where there are going to be performances.

He noted that 80 per cent of the performers would be from musicians in the FCT or other parts of Nigeria.

 “We are looking at drawing the attention of other people to come to FCT; it is an Abuja carnival. It is happening in the FCT. So, those opportunities will be open if you are creative enough and talented enough,” he added.

 The Acting Director of the Social Development Secretariat, Department of Arts and Culture, FCTA, Kayode Aiyegbusi, said the carnival would boost economic activities in the FCT.

 He said, “For us in the FCT, the well-being of the residents is a priority of the FCT Administration. To be specific about the expectation of this carnival, we wouldn’t partner if we didn’t see how it would benefit the residents.

“Apart from providing empowerment opportunities for the residents, the whole idea of the carnival is that the carnival will belong to the people and that is why all these efforts are being made to get everybody involved so that we all know that it is our carnival.

 “All of us are expected to make something out of that carnival. Residents of Area 10 can start planning ahead to see how they will benefit from that carnival. If the carnival train is passing Wuse, the people in Zone One should get together and think how they can get something out of it.”

According to Aiyegbusi, the carnival is going to be one of the items in the entertainment calendar of the FCT.

“In the next 10 years, with deliberate planning, Abuja, and Nigeria as a whole will make money from tourism,” he projected.

The Chairman of Advance Group Director, Ambassador Joseph Sotomey, emphasised the need to develop the tourism sector of the country in order to create business opportunities in the country.

“If you have been to Dubai, you can see the number of T-shirts, and flags that are sold at the airport. If you have been to Brazil, the number of Brazilian jerseys that are sold in a day is millions. So, imagine we bringing that to Nigeria,” he noted.

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