A comedian and skit maker, Ayoola Akinyoola, popularly known as Kamo, has revealed that contrary to the opinion that soliciting money for old stars is being abused, fans are eager to help veteran entertainers and do not want him to stop the doing that.

In an interview with Saturday Beats, Kamo said, “I wanted to stop soliciting funds for veterans at some point. But when I stopped it for a while, people continued sending me messages. Some of them even went as far as asking when I would be bringing the next person. They were eager to support. I ignored it for some time, but some people really wanted me to keep doing these things, so I just kept at it.”

The comedian noted that he was shocked when he discovered that a veteran actor, Fatai Adetayo aka Lalude, who had been in the industry for over 50 years had never owned a car. He said, “Baba Lalude and I are usually on set together. We were on a particular set in Lagos, and I asked him, ‘Sir, where did you park your car’? He then told me that he had never owned a car in his life. I was surprised, because this man had been working for over 50 years. I then decided to dedicate myself to helping him and other veteran entertainers, and I intend to continue doing that.”

Sparing some words of advice for younger entertainers, the content creator said, “As an entertainer, one needs to invest, because one cannot be at the top forever. One also has to be ready for fame, so that one will make the best out of it when it comes. Of course, one also has to hardworking.”

Akinyoola also maintained that skit-making was very lucrative. He said, “Content creation is a very lucrative business. I am living very comfortably. If I need anything, I can afford it.”

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