In a significant development for Nigeria’s automotive landscape, American electric vehicle manufacturer Saglev, has revealed plans to commence operations at its advanced EV assembly plant in Lagos, later this year.

At a press conference held in Lagos to showcase the merits of electric vehicles, Saglev’s CEO, Sam Faleye, passionately advocated for the transformative power of EVs.

He emphasised Saglev’s commitment to adapting its assembly plant in Ikorodu, Lagos, to meet the specific environmental and road conditions in Nigeria.

Faleye made a compelling case for the widespread adoption of EVs in Nigeria, debunking common misconceptions about their affordability and maintenance.

He revealed, “One of our brand-new EVs is priced between N18-N20m. Comparatively, a new Toyota Camry costs about N40m. The cost-effectiveness of EVs is striking, especially considering the rising petrol prices.”

Underlining the economic benefits of EVs, Faleye emphasised the substantial operational cost savings.

He clarified that a fully charged EV can cover up to 300 kilometers on a single charge, equivalent to driving from Oshodi to Ajah ten times.

Charging, he assured, is infrequent, requiring only once or twice per week, with a full charge taking approximately four hours using a level two charger—a task manageable during sleep.

Saglev’s proactive approach includes plans to establish charging stations at every Ardova and Enyo Petrol Station nationwide, ensuring convenient access for EV users.

Faleye also stressed the significantly reduced maintenance costs of EVs, boasting a 50 per cent decrease compared to conventional vehicles.

Encouraging collaboration, Faleye urged local car dealers to partner with Saglev, fostering a unified effort to introduce EVs to the Nigerian market.

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