The win put EFCC FC in second place with 16 points while Mighty Jets led with 18 points, both from nine matches.

In the first half of the match played at the Area 3 football pitch in Abuja, EFCC FC dominated and had the higher ball possession.

EFCC FC took the lead in the 23rd minute through Joshua Egaji’s penalty kick after a foul was committed by the Mighty Jets FC.

In the second half, the defence line of Mighty Jets was stronger and difficult for EFCC FC players to penetrate.

EFCC FC went on to double their lead in the 75th  minute through Penniel Daniel.

Mighty Jets struggled harder but their efforts were incapable of producing any useful results.

Speaking after the match, Aminu Musa, coach of Mighty Jets FC was full of regrets.

He pointed out that the centre referee asking Egaji to replay the penalty kick was abnormal after an offence was noticed from the goalkeeper.

“But I accept that the second goal scored was a clear goal.

“The officiating was poor, I played against Federation Association, not EFCC FC players,” Musa added.

He said the EFCC FC were a better side with no doubts about that.

“I am happy that we have qualified for the playoffs.”

On his part, Kabiru Sani, the coach of EFCC FC, said he was happy his team ended the season well.

“In my career in life, this is one of the happiest moments as a coach.

“The game was rough in the first stanza of the League. We were at the bottom of the group’s table but today we are at the top of the group,” he said.

EFCC FC won five matches, lost three and drew one in the league, while Mighty Jets FC won six and lost three.




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