DevCareer has announced a partnership with the United Kingdom- Nigeria Tech Hub, an initiative by the UK government’s Department for Digital, Culture, Media, and Sports, to digitally train 1,700 Nigerians and prepare them for a career in the tech industry.

According to the non-profit organisation, this would support the growth of the tech ecosystem in Nigeria. It said its tech programme was a six-month training programme that would equip 1,700 selected participants with in-demand skills in software development, design, and product management.

In a statement, it stated that the programme aimed to bridge the digital skills gap, and was open to individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Commenting on the partnership, Founder of DevCareer, Sultan Akintude, said, “We will go into remote areas to train and educate people about this partnership. Our goal is to make this opportunity as distributed as possible.

“If there is a chance that we can positively change the career trajectory of a particular group of people in any part of Nigeria, we are open to exploring that chance. With the support of the UK-Nigeria Tech Hub, we can further expand our support and accelerate growth.”

The Programme Manager of the UK-Nigeria Tech Hub, Chisom Udemezue, added that the programme was designed to address the pressing issue of unemployment by bridging the digital skills gap and establishing a talent pipeline for tech startups.

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