Massive congratulations are in order for popular Instagram dancer, Janemena, and her husband, Andre Plies, as they announce that they are expecting their second child.

The influencer took to her Instagram page to share the exciting news of their growing family. She posted a video of herself showing off her baby bump while posing with her husband and their son.

Janemena expecting

The couple got married in December 2019 and welcomed their first child together in November 2022.

Sharing the announcement video, Jane wrote,

“14 years and Loving same man and you🥹!?

Our Best Oops Ever❤️!!!”

Congratulations to them!

Watch the video below,

A while back, Janemena opened up about one of the struggles of motherhood and breastfeeding.

The controversial dancer, who recently gave birth to her first child, revealed that she always feels sad and depressed when she begins pumping milk for her newborn.

According to her, she doesn’t understand why she feels that way but once the milk starts flowing, she regains her cheerful countenance again.

She also asked other mothers if they share the same experience with her, or if it was peculiar to her motherhood journey.

The mother of one shared this on Instagram in response to a new mother who revealed that she is suffering from post-partum depression.

In her words:

“Gosh!!!! Wish you were in Asaba, I for don reach your house hug you. I’m so sorry hun. It will definitely get better o.
Also does this happen to any mum who pumps!? Whenever I’m pumping I get so sad, unhappy, overthinking and starts crying most times. Now, Pumping doesn’t hurt so I don’t understand why that happens. The very minute it comes off my chest. I’m good again. It’s super cr@zy and it’s just like magic.” Read here

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