Mall Of Fame Nigeria, TLC Harmony London, United Kingdom, and Transcorp Hilton Hotels Plc have announced their resolve to boost the travel and hospitality sector in Nigeria.

Other partners supporting the move include Taleb Rifai, a former United Nations World Tourism Organisation, Abuja Chamber of Commerce and Industry, among others, as they all endorsed the forthcoming Reset Summit Nigeria/UK at a recent press briefing in Abuja.

In her address at the event, the Founder of TLC Harmony UK, Nicki Page, described Nigeria as a destination and leader in the tourism, travel and creative industries.

She said Nigeria had potential and incredible opportunities to lead the sector, stressing that any refusal to key in would lead to economic loss for the country.

Page explained that tourism and hospitality contributed 10 per cent to the Gross Domestic Product globally, which was why partners in the deal decided to pick Nigeria as a destination hub to connect and reset the industries.

“We think that Africa with Nigeria has the potential to lead the creative industry because if we don’t, we are going to face a critical crisis that we are already in at the moment.

“Nigeria has the opportunity and natural asset to make a difference and drive economic benefits in business. When we put heads together, I think we can make a change that will be clearly and economically validated, Page stated.

The Founder of Mall of Fame Nigeria, Joseph Komolafe, said the aim of the forthcoming summit was to achieve business transformation with significant impacts on nature, people and the planet in Africa, specifically in Nigeria.

Komolafe said the summit would promote deliverables that would ensure substantive policy and action-oriented recommendations to be constituted in accordance with global standards.

On his part, the Head of the Secretariat, Afro-Carribbean Chamber of Culture and Tourism, Oba Olasunmaknmi, said Nigeria needed a reset in the tourism sector, considering its rich potential.

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