The Managing Director of Remita Payment Services Limited, a subsidiary of SystemSpecs Holdings Limited, ‘Deremi Atanda, has called for more industry collaboration to foster the adoption of digital payments in Nigeria.

He made this call during his presentation at the 2023 digital pay expo conference in Lagos.

In a statement, he spoke on how transitioning financial services to a cashless payment model fostered socioeconomic development.

Atanda said, “Contactless payment can greatly increase the use of cashless transactions. For us in the developing economy, which Nigeria partly belongs to, financial inclusion is crucial, and it depends on digital inclusion.

“Ultimately, this is about socio-economic growth, because cashless is not an end, but a means to improve and speed up payment, which benefits the whole ecosystem.”

Reiterating Remita’s contribution to the advancement of cashless transactions in Africa, Deremi emphasised that, “collaboration among stakeholders will create revolutionary technology that made financial transactions easier and more accessible.”

He added, “While cashless payments offer clear advantages and development potential, we must not overlook the key dependencies involved.

“The development of cashless payments should be accompanied by careful consideration of regulations and standards to maximise its benefits.”

With over two decades of expertise in the fintech industry, Atanda is a skilled business leader and innovator. He is driven to use technology to address social and economic challenges while creating value for customers and stakeholders, the statement said.

It added that, “Remita Payment Services Limited is a leading provider of electronic payment solutions in Nigeria and across Africa.

“Under ‘Deremi’s leadership and vision, Remita is a pioneer of Nigeria’s fintech revolution, offering innovative solutions for financial empowerment and collaborative growth.”



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