Climate Action Africa has launched CMA Labs, a hub dedicated to supporting the development of the climate-tech startup ecosystem in Africa.

According to a co-founder of the initiative, Grace Oluchi, climate change poses significant threats to Africa’s environment and economy, needing urgent and sustainable solutions.

She said that in the face of harsh realities caused by climate change, including severe droughts, flooding, and escalating agricultural challenges, Climate Action Africa had taken steps to address those issues.

She said, “Based on what we have been doing in the last two years, we have been able to discover innovators that are doing things that are practical that can be used. One of the challenges we have is that these innovations are not mainstreamed. They are not commercialised.

“For example, if Unilever produces a new bottle of water, you will see it everywhere. But these innovators are young. They are struggling. If they produce a new cooking method, it is not mainstreamed. So, you cannot walk into a supermarket and say you want to buy it.”

According to Oluchi, there are people providing clean cooking solutions and energy solutions,     which are not mainstreamed.

“Through collaboration we will be able to access some of the global funding that is available to climate finance to be able to support these businesses to become mainstreamed,” she stated.

She declared that through CMA Labs, the group aimed to pioneer a thriving climate-tech sector that harnesses the latest scientific and technological advancements.

She said this would help combat greenhouse gas emissions, protect the environment, and ensure Africa can feed itself and power itself sustainably.

According to Oluchi, one of the most pressing challenges with regard to climate change is the lack of environmental data for organisations.

She said CMA Labs would strive to bring transparency to such entities with vested interests in Nigeria, helping them understand their carbon emissions, environmental impact, and the effects of their operations on the environment.

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