Popular media personality, Nedu has taken to social media to express his concerns over the ongoing divorce and child custody battle between renowned On-air personality, Dotun and his estranged wife, Taiwo.

The couple’s public dispute has captured the attention of both celebrities and social media users alike, with many weighing in on the matter.


Dotun, known for his charismatic on-air personality, recently revealed that he has been unable to see his children since the divorce proceedings commenced.

This statement sparked a wave of discussions and prompted Nedu among many others to speak out on his Instagram story, urging Dotun’s wife to allow the children to see their father.

In his heartfelt post, Nedu emphasized the importance of children having access to both parents, that denying them this right could have severe emotional consequences.

“Children must never be used as pawns… Kids need their dads as they do their mum… You are killing them emotionally if you deny them this right,” Nedu wrote, addressing Taiwo directly.

His message also included a hopeful note, assuring Dotun that the situation would eventually be resolved positively.

@do2dtun it will all end in praise. he said

While some found Nedu’s plea agreeable, many have criticized the couple for airing their issues on social media, many also expressed concern for the well-being of the children caught in the middle of the drama, as commentators highlight the potential negative impact on the children’s emotional state.

As the tussle continues, it is hoped that Dotun and Taiwo will find a peaceful resolution that prioritize the best interests of their children and bring an end to the ongoing saga.

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