Filmmaker, Biodun Stephen, has said it is natural for children to go back to their absentee parents. The producer of the trending movie, ‘Sista’, also spoke about how her personal story influenced the movie.

She told Saturday Beats, “My mum was a single mum. She worked very hard to raise my sister and me. I was about 16 years old when I had an argument with my mum. At that time, I had just reconnected with my father’s family, and so I packed my things to live with them. My mother found it difficult to let it go. She was just crying and she said, ‘so I have where to go now because my father’s people have shown up.’ That was what I was trying to mirror when I wrote and produced ‘Sista’.

“My parents separated when I was about 18 months old. I met my dad when I was about seven years old. My parents tried to work things out for about a year but it didn’t work out. My father was in and out of my life but when I turned 12, I did not see him again until I heard four years later that he has passed away.”

Some of Stephen’s directorial works include ‘The Kujus Again’, ‘Breaded Life’, ‘Progressive Tailors Club’, ‘Aki and Pawpaw’, and ‘A Simple Lie.’

Speaking on if children are insensitive if they go back to their father or mother who abandoned them, Stephen said, “I think it is part of growing up for any child. At some point, children become self aware and discover who they are. I don’t think it is wrong to look for their other parent. It is a natural thing. I will advise single parents to tell their children about their past so that they can see how they will accept it. I don’t think single parents should paint bad pictures of their spouses because it is not always worth it. Regardless, that parent will still be loved.”

She also spoke on mothers who change the surname of their children because their partners are deadbeats. She said, “It is their prerogative to do whatever they like. I would speak for myself. I use my mother’s surname. I had a peculiar experience that made me say I want to honour my mother by bearing her name. That was my choice because she raised me. My sister is still using my father’s name.”

Speaking on how she felt about how ‘Sista’ has been trending, she said, “I know that the topic is a universal one. I feel humbled that a lot of us are connected by this singular thing. It is not just about the character, ‘Sista’, being a single mum but it has made some people look at their parents and be grateful for the sacrifice and all the effort. I am really humbled by the reception.”

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