Big Brother Naija star, Chinenyenwa Desire Okoebor, popularly known as Chichi, and co-star, Phyna Otabor have taken to social media to throw shades at each other.

Taking to the microblogging platform, Twitter, Chichi claimed that a certain somebody who always insulted her for her life choices was now following them as she was a source of inspiration to them.

Recall that Chichi had accused Phyna of cooying her and gerrting a BBL after insulting her for it. ICYMI “You call mine silicone, but yours is injected with cement” – Chichi shades Phyna

Ranting on her page, Chichi wrote,

“Oh, how original! When you’re such an inspiration that even your critics want to be you, Keep trying, maybe one day you’ll get it right!
I see you’re still on the ‘Copy and Paste’ phase of your life. Keep up the good work, champ!”

Reacting to this, Phyna took to her page to mock and age-shame Chichi for thinking the tattoos she planned on getting were inspired by her.

She wrote,

“Mama 33years rest
Na tattoo wan com make you start today again
With the cashew water wey u take draw nonsense for body.
Since na so my people I can’t wait to get pregnant and have a bby girl
Maybe this will make you agree you have a child (na bouz of you I wan born)…..
Even the day I go post bikini pictures make you nor go say I wan be stripper o
Trying so hard to raise a non existing career.
But by the way how she take see my tweet I be think say we block ourselves
Omo red face na Phynation oo
A die hard fan
I love it”

Reacting to this Chichi wrote,

“Little miss abOrtiOnist!
YOU’re just a Mêntally Dêrânged Pestilential Dingbât!
I can’t take anybody that uses emoji’s in place of quotation marks seriously!
I’m glad you’re passionate about something. Pity it’s just Trolling.
Bold of you to come for my unborn kids when you have donated yours to gútters. PIG 🐖

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