Capital markets provide businesses with access to long-term capital, which is crucial for expansion and investment, the Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer, Africa Operations, Inlaks Limited, Kyari Bukar, has said.

Bukar, said this during his keynote address at the 39th annual Omolayole Management Lecture Series at the Nigerian Institute of Management, themed ‘The interplay between capital markets and economic growth: exploring the dynamic relationship.’

He stated that the capital market is needed to create job opportunities and foster wealth creation, too.

The Inlaks CEO noted that some of the challenges confronting capital market include lack of investor confidence, inadequate regulatory framework, low liquidity, infrastructure deficiencies, volatility and risk, limited access to capital, information asymmetry, foreign exchange controls, macroeconomic factors, political and security risks, and market depth.

Bukar recommended that the government should implement policies to increase the level and size of market capitalisation in the capital market, promote financial literacy, and improve the regulatory environment.”

Also speaking at the event, the President and Chairman of the Council of the Nigerian Institute of Management Chartered, Dr Christiana Atako, reiterated the importance of the capital markets in Nigeria’s economic prosperity and the need for the country to improve its economic growth through the pillars of sustainable growth.

The Institute’s Registrar and Chief Executive, Mrs Taiwo Olusesi, added, “Often referred to as the pulsating heart of our economy, capital markets serve as essential pathways, directing savings and investments from capital providers, such as individual and institutional investors, to capital consumers including businesses, governments, and the general public.”

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