Vice-Chancellor, Caleb University, Imota, Lagos, Prof. Nosa Owens-Ibie, will discuss the challenges, innovations, and opportunities in higher education practices at the University of Leeds, England.

Owens-Ibie will address global thought leaders at the conference from Friday 22nd to Saturday 23rd June 2023 on the theme, ‘Higher education pedagogies in Africa: Looking back to a prosperous future.’

A statement by the university said Ibie-Owens, a Professor of Communication, Media, and Development would use Nigeria as a case study, his presentation would chronicle phases in the development of higher education institutions in Africa and interrogates the political and intellectual contexts of this development.

According to Owens-Ibie, “The British roots of higher education in Nigeria are evident not only in its context, affiliation, promoters, and the shape of its implementation but also in the logic that drives its initial expansion. From 1932 when Yaba Higher College was established in Lagos as the first higher institution in Nigeria, to 1948 when the University College opened in Ibadan as an affiliate of the University of London, the progression has been inextricably linked to its roots in the British system, although there have been significant incursions in recent times by the United States.”

Other thought leaders scheduled to speak at the conference are the Dean, Faculty of Wellbeing, University of Malta, Prof. Andrew Azzopardi;  Dr Pamela Barber-Freeman of Prairie View A&M University; Texas, Dr Patricia Hoffman-Miller of Prairie View A&M University, Texas;  Executive Director, HBCU Faculty Development Network, Prof. Laurette Foster; Prof. Chang Heng-hao of National Taipei University, to mention a few.

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