Nigerian businesswoman, Sandra Iheuwa, has called out her ex-husband, Steve Thompson, after he filed for joint custody of their son.

The couple, who got married in August 2021 but saw their marriage end after only five months, have been embroiled in numerous online conflicts since their marriage crashed. They have a son together.

In a recent update, Steve has filed for joint custody of their son and requested a change of their son’s surname to his own. Additionally, he has offered to cover his school fees and provide an annual child support payment of #600,000.

Reacting to the court document, Sandra took to her Instagram page to criticize him for his unreasonable demands and offer to contribute a ‘meagre’ N600,000 for his annual upkeep.

She also emphasized that she gave birth to her son in the U.S., so he would need to go through the U.S. Supreme Court if he wants his son’s name changed to his.

Sandra, who also shares a child with music executive Ubi Franklin, wrote,

“Omo let me laugh it’s not even the annual upkeep of 600k dey laugh me 🤣 na the joint custody and change of name… to drag me to American court be that because my son wasn’t even born in Nigeria. It’s actually the audacity for me. For a child you abandoned and refused to even sign the birth certificate at the time of birth. He even called him evil and drama child is what you are dragging me to court for? What changed? You haven’t gotten full custody of your older children na my only son you want joint custody???? Let me not even talk about the upkeep of my son since birth that I have done on my own for a man who disturbed my life to marry him. Steve Chidiebere Maduka you will have to drag me to U.S Supreme Court cos this ain’t gonna fly here in Nigeria my son wasn’t even born in Nigeria and your name isn’t on the birth certificate. So I don’t know how trying to get an order in Nigeria is going to make me change his name on all his documents that wasn’t issued in the Nigeria. You are wasting your God damn time. Steve Chidiebere Maduka you are looking for my trouble leave me and my son alone!!!!!!!”

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In a follow-up post, she shared screenshots of the disturbing messages Steve sent to her whenever she contacted him about their son’s welfare.

She also questioned his sudden interest in their child’s life, considering he had previously made it clear that he was not interested in forming a relationship with him.

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