Bridge International Academies has said its pupils performed excellently for the fifth year in a row at the National Common Entrance Examination.

A statement by the school said Alexander Tarhe-Veyan was this year’s highest-performing pupil at Bridge with a total score of 188.

It explained that earlier in the year, Tarhe-Veyan came first place in The Ultimate Mathematics Ambassador competition out of over 1,800 pupils.

“Tarhe-Veyan also participated in the Deeper Life High School Entrance Examination where he topped the list with an amazing 92% score.”

It added that he was closely followed by Divine Mcanthony who had a total score of 186.

It read, “She was also the best-performing female Bridge pupil. This year, 121 Bridge pupils registered for the exam, 61 males and 60 females. The result of the exam further proves the learning equity at Bridge as girls made the same leap in learning as boys.”

Managing Director of Bridge International Academies in Nigeria Foyinsola Akinjayeju, said, “We are immensely proud of our pupils’ outstanding performance in the National Common Entrance Examination.”

“This achievement is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our pupils, teachers, and staff, who strive for excellence every day. It also reflects the power of our holistic methodology, which leverages technology and data to deliver high-quality education to underserved communities,” she added.

Academics Manager, Ezinne Tochie-Asogwa, added,

“Bridge International Academies is committed to ensuring that every child, regardless of their background, has access to a life-changing education. Through its network of schools and innovative learning tools, Bridge has been able to bridge the education gap and empower thousands of children to reach their full potential.

“The consistent success of its pupils in the National Common Entrance Examination further reinforces the school’s mission and underscores the positive impact it is making in the education sector.”

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