Bolt is testing an audio recording feature to improve riders and drivers’ safety during trips, the firm has disclosed.

It stated that the feature would empower both drivers and riders to initiate an audio recording of their trip while using the app, and in the process, offer solutions in situations where they may feel uncomfortable during the ride.

It noted that the recorded audio could be easily reported to Bolt’s customer support team, facilitating swift and efficient handling of safety-related concerns.

In a statement, the Country Manager, Bolt, Yahaya Mohammed, said, “At Bolt, safety is our top priority and the audio trip recording feature is the newest addition to our in-app safety toolkit for drivers and riders to use if they are ever feeling uncomfortable during a ride.

“It is part of our ongoing investment in safety through new products, features, and our dedicated in-house specially trained safety team, to ensure that we can continue to improve the safety ecosystem of the Bolt app, offering drivers and riders a high quality ride-hailing experience.”

The firm explained that to utilise the audio trip recording feature, users could activate it exclusively while their Bolt ride was in progress.

It said, “When shared as an attachment in a safety case raised with customer support, Bolt gains access to the recorded audio. The initial launch and testing of this feature will be limited to specific cities in South Africa and Nigeria, requiring users to have the most recent version of the Bolt app installed to access it.”

The firm noted that the feature was now available in Benin City. Bolt has had its fair share of safety mishaps, with riders writing Twitter threads about near kidnaps and news publications documenting issues around drivers selling their profiles.

According to Bolt, its new feature added to its suite of existing safety features for riders and drivers, further strengthening its in-app safety toolkit.

Meanwhile, the firm also announced that it had now surpassed 150 million customers in over 45 countries and 500 cities.

It stated that its customers were spread across its of mobility products which included ride-hailing, micromobility (scooter and e-bike rental), food delivery, grocery delivery, Bolt drive, a free-floating car-sharing service, and Bolt business, a corporate mobility service.

“Bolt has also announced there are now over 3.5 million partners (drivers and couriers) using the app to earn a living, including over one million in Africa alone,” It said.

The Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Bolt, Markus Villig, said, “Our core principles have remained the same since we were founded 10 years ago. By being the most operationally efficient mobility platform in the world, we can provide incredible value to our customers and partners.

“Having great service and attractive prices drive our industry-leading growth, and we are proud to now serve 150 million customers across 45 countries.

“This extraordinary scale will allow us to reach profitability over the next 12 months. Bringing Mikko’s expertise on board at this crucial time for the business will be invaluable as we continue our focus on long-term and sustainable growth and begin our preparations for IPO.”

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