Nigerian businessman and philanthropist, Olakunke Churchill, has seemingly taken a subtle dig at someone while sharing a thought-provoking post in response to the death of the popular singer, Mohbad.

Churchill had taken to his Instagram page to express his agreement with a post by socialite Pretty Mike, where he stated that some of those seeking justice for Mohbad are no different from his oppressors.

Pretty Mike stated this in reaction to the attacks and harassment that Mohbad reportedly suffered from individuals associated with his former record label after his exit.

Olakunle Churchill seemingly throws

The post reads,


Also, remember those your friends you have fallen out with because you have a misunderstanding, but
you swear to humiliate & destroy them. I hope you know you aren’t different from his oppressors..

Those your friends you have told lies about just to tarnish their name….
Those your friends you have told your gang/followers not to support their business anymore cause you’ve fallen out with them…

Those your friends you have poisoned people’s minds
towards them… some of you have killed the characters of people cause you guys have fallen out
A lot of things start with us! You don’t know how many people you have put in harms way with your evil words, fake accounts, or anonymous blogs! YES “there is still time to change ur ways”..

You open an anonymous account just to hurt your
friends and family cause you fell out, fabricating lies about them
or spilling out things your close ones told you in confidence just to humiliate them… I hope this is a revolution for a lot of us to be better people.🙏🏽”

Churchill, who couldn’t agree more with the post, reposted it on his verified Instagram page and stated that bullies and blackmailers are worse than witches and wizards.

He added that it’s unfortunate that bullies are exploiting the singer’s death to seek attention online and are also pretending to show support in public.

He wrote,

“@prettymikeoflagos is one of the smartest people i know in the industry. He literally took words out of my mouth with this post.

As we’re seeking Justice for Mohbad, let’s stop being cyber bullies ourselves.

There is no difference between Cyberbullies and the alleged perpetrators of the attack on the young artiste.

Blackmailers and Bullies are even worse that witches and wizards. It’s sad that they are the ones to even chase clout with people’s tragedies and feign support in public.

Let’s stop pulling people down while hiding behind the keypads.”

See his post below,

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