BIC through its Canvas of Change, has trained teachers from over 100 Lagos schools in effective teaching skills

According to BIC, Canvas of Change aims to empower students, teachers, and parents to create meaningful and impactful change to make a lasting difference in generations to come.

The masterclass sessions were hosted by award-winning educators; Olasunkanmi Opeifa, Oluwaseun Kayode, and Femi Taiwo who taught assessment and feedback in learning; the application of thinking and analytical skills; and the adoption of creativity in teaching.

A statement by BIC said the programme was unveiled in October in commemoration of Teacher Appreciation Month, saying, “The masterclasses were widely aimed at developing resilient mindsets and effective techniques for capturing attention, bridging academic knowledge and real-world applications. reaching emotional and social intelligence, creating a positive and inclusive learning environment, and communicating for impact.”

Business Development Head at BIC Nigeria, Adeyemi Ojo, said, “We are committed to education, and have been supporting the sector for years – globally and regionally. This year, we have partnered with experts in the field to further expand our reach and impact. We looked at what the sector needed and where we could provide expertise and support. Education remains at the forefront of what we do, and we remain committed to equipping educators with the right knowledge, skills, and methodologies to pass on to students, who will one day lead our nation.”

Managing Director at TRACE Academia, Femi Taiwo, added, “With the fast pace of change driven by rapid digitization and globalization, young people today and tomorrow are faced with a world of work that demands a growth mindset, healthy self-awareness, and excellent 21st-century soft skills including creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork enabling them to flourish in different endeavours. Education delivered using the right pedagogy and creative teaching methods is one of the fundamental keys to equipping young people with these skills and this lies in the hands of their teachers. I was delighted to help equip educators with the right teaching styles and pedagogy to adopt, to create future-ready teenagers.”

Founder of Schoolinka, Oluwaseun Kayode, commented, “Learning is changing rapidly across the world, and experts are reimagining education in a way that doesn’t only produce learners who have mastery over content, but those who can move from comprehending concepts to creating solutions. I was delighted to explore what this journey looks like with educators in Nigeria at the Canvas of Change masterclass.”



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